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My Goodie Bag

"Very glad to see some fun stuff in India!" - Kanika Gulati

"Just what I was looking for! Thanks to the people behind this!" - Hirni Pathak

"An absolutely novel concept..." - Gulrez Anwar

"EEEEEEK! This feels like a dream! You guys are officially my favourite website!" - Emaan Syed

New Goodies!

About Footsy

Footsy is the only e-commerce brand in India that focuses entirely on socks. Yea, we mean playful socks. For who exactly, you ask? Well, Footsy is a brand for all you colour lovers, sockaholics, young at heart, and experimental 'soles' out there. Our collection includes knee-length socks, crew socks, ankle length socks, sockets, stripes, dots, crazy patterns, and everything else!

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