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Be a Sock Doll Designer!

Calling all the creative little artists to design our next collection of sock dolls! We invite you to draw a creature of your choice, which we will transform into a Footsy Sock Doll. The doll will be named after the child, and you get 100% bragging rights :)

Drawing Submissions:
1. Footsy’s Sock Doll Competition is open to all the little people with vivid imaginations and love drawing and colour.
2. The participating children should be between the age of 0-12 years.
3. The drawings must be 100% original.
4. The drawings must be submitted via email on sockdolls@footsy.in
5. Each drawing must be submitted along with the artist’s name, age, phone number and city.
6. Each drawing must be submitted with a short story about the creature. (What does it like to eat, what are its favourite things, what is it scared of, etc. Basically, we want you to create a personality for your sock doll). Incomplete entries will be disqualified, unfortunately.
7. You can use any material to draw - pencils, crayons, sketch pens, paint. Please do colour your drawings though.
8. We want the little artists to play a little, or a lot, while creating their drawings!
9. Don't worry about creating a realistic animal. It could be a magical creature from your imagination. 

The deadline for submissions is Mar 10, 2017. Winners will be announced by end March.

Official Rules:

1. No purchase necessary to enter or win this competition.
2. Entries must be submitted by residents of India only.
3. The winners of Footsy’s Sock Doll Competition will be chosen by the Footsy team. And their decision is final and binding.
4. The drawings must be submitted in the following file formats: .jpg or .png - a file size no greater than 5 MB in size.
5. Submissions must not contain any obscene, pornographic or violent content. These will be disqualified immediately.
6. Submissions have to be 100% original, and created entirely by the child. No references to online material, popular cartoons, or any assistance from an adult is required. We’re seeking the natural and vivid imagination that only little children are equipped with.
7. If we transform your drawing into a sock doll, and at a later date we find that it isn’t entirely original, appropriate legal action will be taken.
8. By submitting this drawing, you grant Footsy the rights for your drawing to be used in our product collection, in whichever manner we see fit.
9. After we announce winners, we begin fabricating and sampling the dolls. If at that stage we find that the drawing isn’t feasible to transform to a doll, we reserve the right to exchange it with another submitted entry.
10. By entering this competition, all participants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. Your drawing will be transformed into a sock doll - a tiny huggable creature.
2. You receive 100% bragging rights.
3. The sock doll will be named after the artist.
4. The artist (and two little friends of your choice) will receive the transformed sock doll, which you helped us create.
5. There is no remuneration/ cash prize attached to this competition.

What is a Sock Doll?
Sock Dolls are made from odd and lonely socks that were left all alone in the corner. We transform them into tiny huggable creatures, made with love and laughter. Take a look at our Sock Dolls here.

Who is Footsy?
Footsy is India's first exclusive brand of socks. We're all about socks, ranging from smart stripes and dots, to crazy moustaches and skulls. We also have a collection of handmade woollen snugglers. And now, we've ventured into crazy Sock Dolls!